The Sustainable City, the first Net Zero Energy city in Dubai. A first of its kind, and considered one of the most unique developments in the region and the world, it meets and exceeds international sustainability standards. The City’s is an international model of sustainable living, work education and entertainment.

The City provides a complete suite of amenities and environmental features. The first phase of the City was completed in December 2016 and comprises five residential clusters, a buffer zone, a central green spine, an equestrian club, and a mixed use development, second phase will include a hotel, school, country club, and an innovation hub, and will be completed in 2018.



The school will set a standard for world-class education that integrates sustainability in all its forms (social, environmental and economical) through high academic standards and innovative teaching practices. The school will follow a curriculum that will complement the progressive-minded sustainable model of The Sustainable City. The school will provide an education that instills a love of learning, an appreciation of ‘green living’, and at the same time develops well-rounded, globally-minded, creative problem solvers.



The Hotel Indigo in The Sustainable City will be a Net ZERO Energy building, powered 100% by solar energy.

The hotel architecture provides a low rise, unobtrusive design which nestles exquisitely within The Sustainable City’s lavish foliage. All waste water produced by the hotel will be recycled, and all material waste will be sorted at the source and recycled to meet the highest social, environmental and commercial sustainability standards.



The Sustainable City Equestrian Centre offers residents quality riding classes from three-years of age to adults up to the intermediate level. The centre will offer 30-minute lessons for beginners and 45-minute for intermediates, with 32 well-schooled Arabian, thoroughbred, and mix-breed horses.



We envision a sustainable city that encompasses the fundamentals of wellbeing, wellness and health, by tackling the fundamental importance of patient awareness, and information that promote a healthy life style. Having the educational services as an integral part of the vertical services in educational, preventive, holistic, and diversities of therapies offered not only to the residents in the local communities, but to the region as a whole. We firmly believe that mind and body go hand in hand, and we have built the city to cater to healthy and wellbeing lifestyles.



Referred to as the brain of The Sustainable City, the Diamond Innovation Centre is the first Positive Energy Building in the region. This means that over an anticipated 50-year lifespan, the building itself will produce 140 percent of its energy requirement, thus offsetting emissions during construction, operation, and decommissioning. This iconic building will be off-grid and provide a state-of-the-art amphitheater for 700 people, as well as a spacious atrium for exhibitions.



The farm in The Sustainable City operated by 100% solar energy. With the capacity to produce up to 1 million pots a year, The focus was to produce chemical-free herbs and vegetables and to reach self-sufficiency for 5000 residents inside The Sustainable City. Products include mint, thyme, basil, spinach, cheery tomatoes, stevia, and over 32 other kinds of herbs and vegetables.


Our expertise in sustainability is unparalleled and embodies years of research, testing, and implementation of sustainable designs. We translate sustainability concepts into actions that enhance the complete lifecycle of the projects we work on.

Our goal is to make our knowledge and team experience globally accessible to benefit our clients and partners, applying practical and scalable sustainability solutions that fit the local culture, environment, and economy.

Our solutions encompass the social, environmental
and economic domains

The solutions we offer follow the
Engage, Innovate, and Sustain paradigm


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